My Very Supernatural Night !

2:32 PM

The Supernatural invitation card, so cute!!

Fancy ~

Cake cake cake.

Oyster Bar!

Jensen & Jared's speech!

The King of HELL.

So dreamy...



Jared... ugh... <3

LUCIFER. Fallen Angel.

Osric Chau!!

First time walking the red carpet !!

The impala!

With my awesome friend, Kevin! Our Supernatural flipbook!

I just want to say that I am so incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to attend this! It's definitely a once in a lifetime thing. There is never going to be another 200th episode supernatural party so OMG! Also this is my first ever time going to a party thrown by Warner Bros and hopefully not my last! Haha, this night was incredibly amazing and I am so thankful - especially to Kevin, who was the reason I got this chance in the first place. Thank you!

Every person that I met was honestly super down to earth... Especially Felicia Day, she told me I was beautiful - eek! And I kept running into Osric so much.

Sometime during the evening, Jensen and Jared went up on stage to speak. They are so cute together! Just like real brothers. Actually come to think of it, even when they split up (after the speech), Jared actually told Jensen where he was going. Brothers I tell you. 

The evening was a very special one. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and got to a better sneak peek into the event. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the event too so don't be shy! Thank you.


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