California Day 2 : LA

7:58 PM


Day 2 of our California Trip! What we did: Little Tokyo, the Getty Villa, Santa Monica Beach, cruise through Korea Town and 626 Arcadia Night Market.

I was so excited to start exploring! I was pretty stoked to check out Little Tokyo. It's a Japanese-American district located in downtown L.A. It wasn't busy when we arrived early in the day but there was already a line up at Shabu Shabu, a ramen restaurant! So we ended up at Maruya. Their food is so good and their side dishes are huge!

Then we were off to the Getty Villa, which is a Roman/Greek inspired Villa and it was absolutely stunning. However, they didn't have the water running due to drought, which I fully support. Save water! It still didn't take away from the beautiful architecture and cool artifacts!

We then went down to Santa Monica and watched some street shows and walked along the pier. They have rides there and the view of the beach and city was breathtaking! I had visions of myself living in Santa Monica... Haha. We played in the sand and the water for a bit before we went to our next location which was Korea Town. We weren't too sure what to do here, it seems like there were tons of restaurants and KOK but we were saving our stomachs for the night market!

So... funny story about the night market was that we meant to go to the OC one but instead we ended up at the Arcadia one. This totally worked out in our favor though because this place was HUGE! We love night market for the food, as I'm sure everyone else who goes to night market.

After a nice cruise on the high way home, we took a dip in the pool and called it a successful day out in LA! 

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