Euro Diary: 21 Years Later, We Meet Again.

2:23 AM

I recently just went on a short but amazing trip to Europe. I can't say enough how wonderfully blessed and happy I am to have gotten to go on this trip. It was an amazing opportunity and the best of all? Family! They were the most incredible hosts. They welcomed me with open arms, kindly took me around to sight-see and fed me! What more can I say?! Food is the way to my heart, so is traveling and family. 

Open Bar :)
From Edmonton International Airport, we flew to London on an 8 hour flight.

We arrived safe and soundly in London where I was picked up by my cousin. The scenery of Selsey on the drive was absolutely stunning. For the first time, I saw beautiful stretches of land covered in flowers so that all you could see was a field of complete yellow. And the houses were so adorable! They looked so cozy, like they popped straight out of a Christmas card. 

The garlic shrimp *drool* and he shredded the crispy duck for us, so sweet! There were more dishes too!

My wonderful Uncle cooked me amazing Chinese food when I arrived. I'm watering at the mouth looking at these photo's. If you want the best Chinese food in Selsey, you have to go to Sunny Palace. 

One of the better firsts in my life was seeing a Castle! My cousin treated me to dinner in Arundel, where the Castle of Arundel stood.

Arundel Castle

Yummy Mussels!

Cutest little bottle of Ginger ale.

Grilled Mackerel... 
Arundel is a little town; cobbled sidewalks, castle, fountains and charming little shops.

A little video of where we had dinner!

Deep fried pineapple with vanilla ice cream and sweet sauce.
Looking for unique rocks!
Chichester; one of my favorite memories. I adored it there.

Our meetup spot
On the grounds of the Cathedral
Reminded me of Harry Potter haha


Birds everywhere!
We stopped at a lake in Arundel. There were birds everywhere as well as row boats! People come here, take walks, jogs, sit and read books and take cute little boat rides out onto the lake. It's absolutely beautiful.

Sam's Lambchops
My yummy pasta dish
Warm Chocolate Brownie
Expresso anyone? Up all night!
This was my first international travel and I think I really caught the travel bug!

*Phew* That was long. I hope you enjoyed this blog entry and feel inspired to travel somewhere cozy. Good night.

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