Euro Diary: Follow Me to Switzerland & France

4:29 PM

Our plane ride to Switzerland was short and smooth. Our hotel was actually in France, it was only 5 minutes past the border of Switzerland.

As soon as we dropped off our suitcases at the hotel, we headed straight into downtown Switzerland.  Downtown Switzerland was a jaw dropper! I've never seen such an amazing city... The architecture was beautiful and so detailed.

Beautiful balconies..

This one is dedicated to Maggie ;)

Then when we got deeper into Switzerland, there were even more beautiful buildings.

Going deeper...

And deeper...

Amazing. That shot of color and the details on this building...


After our adventurous walk in the city, we had dinner at my boyfriend's relatives and we had Raclette. It was absolutely savory. Add a glass of wine and you are set for the night!

Set up for Raclette
The next day...

For breakfast, we had croissants delicious croissants from a French bakery that was a two minute walk from our apartment.

I want to hold your hand <3

My tiny junior burger was literally half a patty and cost me $20!!
We then drove deep into France and explored a small French village named Yvoire.

Ice cream!

I hope you enjoyed my Euro Diary. Short but amazing and looking forward to many more trips! 


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