Euro Diary: Busy beautiful London

1:26 PM

London, how beautiful you are!

The morning we left Selsey, my cousin Minh took us out for breakfast. All of us ordered a double English breakfast and a tea. I have to say that the sausages tasted way different from Canadian sausages but it still hit the spot really good... Needless to say, I couldn't stay awake on the ride to London.

Bacon, eggs, fried tomato, sausages, potatoes, beans and toast!

Looking boss in China Town

Edith Cavell's Monument.

Beautiful London
Strolling through the city, lit up by street lamps and Big Ben, was not disappointing at all. It was so enchanting... admiring the charming city under the moonlight.

Big Ben

London Eye at Night

Trying to capture the moment...

Weak Bridge?!
Busy bridges in London...
The Borough Market was a relaxing experience. The vendors sold bread, cheese (GIANT blocks), pastries, teas, seafood and organic milk!

We also went to Buckingham Palace, which I unfortunately don't have pictures of... I took videos though! The palace was stunning. There was a parade going on and it was completely packed hence impossible to take a proper picture. Very breathtaking though.

After the Borough Market, we went to have lunch at Galvin La Chapelle. This french restaurant was classy, elegant and sophisticated.

Complimentary Bread, yes please!

Sliced Ham and Peaches for appetizer
The Main Dish; Chicken with mashed potatoes

Panacotta with campagne cream
This was DELISH!
We checked out a British Museum afterwards. We were walking and taking the tube everywhere that day.

My feet hurt SO bad...

Love these phone booths!
That night, we had home made dinner at my aunties.

Hate this filter but my bf didn't know his phone was taking pics with a filter :(

This concludes my London Post. Some places that I wish I had seen are the London Dungeon and Harry Potter World! I loved beautiful London and I can't wait to be back one day!

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